Stuck for a gift


You know, one of the advantages of the Internet is that you can look up anything you want, wherever you are (assuming you have an Internet connection of course, and that’s one of the advantages of my Nexus One), especially if you can use Google to help.. However, sometimes what you really need is a pinch of inspiration. For example, today I was brainstorming with someone about finding a birthday gift for a mutual friend, and this time, Google just couldn’t help.

Eventually I did come across a website that takes a different twist to birthday gift ideas. Instead of giving you a set of products to browse through, it works by having different themes that you can use to drill down to a gift that will do the trick for you. For example, you can choose “Husband Gifts” or “21st Birthday” or “Girlfriend” and you are taken to a themed page that lets you zoom down into different subject areas. It’s only when you pick one of these that you are actually presented with a selection of products. I thought this was a great way to approach a common problem. You can still drill down to the product by choose the Category and Price Range, but you can find that sort of search pretty much anyway.

Roll on the inspiration!

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