Firefox for Mobile drawing closer

If you use Firefox on your desktop, you’ll notice a difference when you’re on something different, and till now, mobiles have all had their different flavours of web browsers. But this is all set to change with Mobile Firefox entering the fray. The team is getting ready to produce a release candidate next week with a final version hitting the streets in a few weeks time.

So, what do we have to look forward to? well, besides the consistency in user interface; there’s the fact that the mobile browser will be using the same codebase as Firefox 3.6, allowing access to extensions and other goodies that we have come to expect in our everyday browser user. It also opens the door to Weave, a Mozilla cloud-based service that lets you synchronise settings across browsers. This way, you can keep the same settings on the desktop as on your phone.

I’l quite looking forward to having a play with this, though the Android version won’t be available immediately. The N900 version will be out first, so we’ll listen for feedback from those guys.

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