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We’re heading down to Malta over Christmas, and the big problem I’m going to have is trying to live without my usual mobile broadband connection. I wasn’t as reliant on it since I got my new Android phone. Sure, I used to mess around a bit with GPRS, but the browsing experience was just unusable; but since I got my new phone and got myself a 3G connection, well, it’s been like opening up a new world. I can browse on my phone, use Twitter, watch Youtube and do all the same things I can do on my computer. To be perfectly honest, I had considered getting a Netbook, but since I got my HTC Magic I haven’t really had the need.

The great thing about my mobile broadband connection is that I can use my phone as a broadband modem for my laptop. It came in great use a couple of weeks ago when I went to a friend’s house to help with a broken computer. Turns out that what he needed wa a driver, but without the driver he couldn’t get online to download the driver. I used the mobile broadband connection on my phone to get an internet connection, downloaded the driver onto my laptop and managed to get him up and running.

Pretty useful I thought!

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