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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Powermat. All opinions are 100% mine.

PowermatI’ve been reading about Powermat for some time now and it always great when I get a Sponsored Post about something I’m interested in. It gives me an opportunity to look a bit closer at the technology and to dig deeper into something which, to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t mind getting as a Christmas gift.

So, what is the Powermat? It’s an innovative new system to charge your gadgets. The user experience is just awesome; instead of plugging cables and chargers, all you need to do is drop it on a mat and watch it charge. As simple as that. You’ll need to get the correct receiving device on your gadget (so, for example, you need a sleeve for an iPhone), but then it’s just drop and forget. Check out this video about it:

So, how does it work, you might ask. Well, it uses a principle called electromagnetic induction which allows power to transferred over close distances. The Powermat also includes other bits of technology to make the whole thing work together. For example, bother the Powermat and the Power Receiver are RFID enabled so that the mat knows exactly how much power it needs to pour into the device. This also enables the Powermat to shut itself down when the device is fully charged.

The Powermat family includes a number of Receivers for a range of devices, but even has a Receiver which plugs into a mini-USB port, which opens it up to hundreds of devices. And if you have something that isn’t supported, the mat also has a USB socket to provide another alternative.

Anyone out there have one of these? Care to share your experiences?

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