National Identity Fraud Prevention Week

I’ve just found out that it’s National Identity Fraud Prevention Week in the UK at the moment. What is ID fraud? Well, it’s when someone impersonates you or your company and commits criminal deeds which you may eventually be blamed for. The most common crime committed is fraud, using your details to defraud you or third parties. Unfortunately we live in a world where information is readily available, and most of us have no qualms leaving our date of birth on Facebook or telling people what our mother’s maiden name is. Unfortunately these two factors are also used by a number of financial institutions to protect your online account. Do you see where I’m heading with this? No? then maybe this video can help:

The week has been organised to raise awareness around these issues and the website includes a number of real life stories and tips that everyone can follow to minimise their exposure to this risk. Unfortunately everyone can be targeted by nefarious criminals, it doesn’t have to be your postman. It could be a Russian hacker pretending to be an Irvine web design firm; or a buyer on eBay who bought your old computer which had all your passwords stored on it; or a complete stranger who picked our your bank statement from your recycling pile; pretty scary huh?

The end result is that we need to be more aware of our actions and our information. Always be aware of what data you’re “leaking”. Being vigilant and aware is the key.

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