Looking for some dog shampoo?

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Do you have a dog? Does he stink? Well, what you need is a DogOsuds, a special dog shampoo that’s bound to give your dog that “New Dog Smell”. It’s by a company called Dinovite who specialise in pet shampoos, treatments and supplements.

If you don’t have a dog, i guess you can’t appreciate how important a good shampoo like this is. Well, a couple of months ago, we were looking to buy a car and went to see one. The car looked fine, but it really, really, stank of dog. Who knows, if they were using the shampoo above, the car may not have smelt so bad. We ended up not buying the car, but it would have needed a top class valeting to get the smell out. Better if they had invested in some dog shampoo.

Anyway, the shampoo promises that it’s a natural flea repellent, and that it doesn’t contain any chemicals, fragrances or fillers that may irritate your dog’s skin, it’s also guaranteed to remove skunk smell; though I’m curious to find out how that would be a problem for anyone.

Anyway, if you’re in the market for some dog shampoo, check it out.


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  1. I have two dogs. You’re right that the shampoo should be odorless and chemicals and I know what love animals but I love the most when my animals smell nice.

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