It’s all about the T-Shirts

Have you ever stopped to think how many different types of T-Shirts are available on sale? There are literally millions of different ones about, which is great for someone who’s trying to express his or her individuality by wearing something “different”. Tonight, given a choice of T-Shirt, I’d be wearing the Family Guys T-shirt shown alongside, just because that’s the mood I’m in.

That shirt is from a websites that sells T shirts called Wear Your Beer. As you can imagine with a name like that, they sell T-shirts with your favourite beer brand on the front; but they also produce a whole range of other T-shirts, from Batman T shirts all the way to Spiderman T shirts (Spiderman, at the moment, being Arthur’s favourite comic book character). They also sell all sorts of other merchandise, from keyrings to shooter glasses; all with images of your favourite characters, TV shows and beer brands. All in the name of fun of course.

So if you’re looking for some way to show your preferences, shout a slogan or just chill, check out the website and pick out something that fits your personality. There’s a nice selection that can suit practically anyone. Just feel free to pick whatever you like.

What’s your favourite pick from the website?

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