Kerchoonz – Do you want to play?

Where do you get your music fix from? I’ve recently been playing with a couple of different online providers like Spotify and Last.Fm which are a great source of music. However, theey focus predominately on mainstream music (although you can certainly find more eclectic choices there), and there are other channels where you can get your Indie or Unsigned artist fix; which can sometimes be much more exciting.

Enter Kerchoonz, a new website built by musicians for musicians to allow them to showcase their material and allow listeners to download and sample their music. The website operates on a revenue sharing agreement with artists which are allocated a chunk of their advertising revenue which is then distributed based on user’s listening patterns.

The site is actually a full-on social networking site where you can sign up and get a profile, make friends and share music with others. More interestingly, it also lets you create a widget (called a Kwidget) that lets you carry music, blog posts, lyrics and other content from the site around with you. Here’s a sample of what the widget looks like:

It was interesting to look around the site, especially as someone who was part of a band a long time ago; and I found the whole concept allowing for revenue sharing, even with unsigned artists really interesting. If you’re into music in a big way; check it out.


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