Seesmic Launches Facebook Desktop Client

In a move that puts Facebook one step closer into the league where Twitter plays, Seesmic has released a desktop client, based on the Twhirl technology for Facebook users to get access to their Facebook dashboard directly on their desktop. Here’s what it looks like:

As you can see it’s quite similar in concept to Twhirl and it will be interesting to see Facebook users get on board with this concept. There are some interesting ideas as to why Seesmic decided to launch this as a seperate app instead of integrating it with Twhirl, but personally, my Twitter and Facebook account are linked through the Twitter Application for Facebook, so I’m not a prime user for the app. To tell you the truth, I just love the search facility in Twhirl so much I’m addicted to it now. You can specify a search term, example, “wireless alarm” and it will integrate the results directly into your Home stream, so that as soon as someone tweets something with that term, you’ll know about it. I wonder if the Facebook client does the same?

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