Yes, I’m classically trained

classically_trainedToday we had a dress-down day at the office (it being Red Nose Day and all), so I took the opportunity to wear my “Classically Trained” T-shirt. It’s a T-shirt I bought a couple of days ago from Iffyton High Street.

If you’ve never been to Iffyton High Street, it’s a great concept in online shopping that mimics the experience you get in a realy shopping trip. You get to browse around a street full of shops containing different outlets each specialising in a particular type of product. My T-shirt came from one of the T-shirt stores there and says “Classically Trained” with a picture of a Nintendo NES in the center (get it?)

Here’s what the shopping experience looks like, just like walking through a High Street:

The idea translates very nicely into the ability to browse and purchase other types of items. The current shops seem to specialise mostly in clothing, from music T-shirts to regional T-shirts, though I didn’t see much in terms of kids clothing. But there’s a nice selection anyway, so you’re bound to find something you like.

Oh, and just a word of thanks to Kevin from FuelMyBlog who pointed them out to me.

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