Failure at Microsoft.crm.setup.common.registerasyncserviceAction

What’s in an error message? A timeout by any other name would sound as sweet? Well, not really. My Microsoft Dynamics CRM v4.0 was failing with this error:

Failure at Microsoft.crm.setup.common.registerasyncserviceAction

And was claiming a timeout failure starting it up. There seem to be a number of posts around the web, some of the solutions include:

  • Make sure you restart your machine before trying to install CRM to make sure everything is in a clean state (tried this)
  • Start the Async service for CRM and retry the action (couldn’t find a service that matched this)
  • Rebuild Perf Counter strings with “lodctr /r”  (wasn’t getting a Perf Counter error)

In the end I did what I should have done in the first place and checked the event logs. Turned out that the problem was the installation was set to use a service account and SQL Server was having a problem giving this access to the required database (probably wasn’t in mixed mode). It would have been nice if the reported error included this information rather than letting me waste time going through the installation logs.

Anyway, I’m installing it all over again for the third time today. In the time it’s taken to install it, I could have caught a plane to the US, gone to DisneyWorld, stayed in one of those lovely hotels, visited the Grand Canyon, caught another plane to Australia, listened to a show at Sydney Opera House and finished off my world tour with a trip to Nepal. I’m sure you think I’m joking, but it’s really my fault as I started this last Friday. I’m sure you can do all those things in 3 days 😉

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