Two buns in the oven

It’s been almost 4 years since my Bun in the Oven announcement that turned out to be the wonder that is Arthur, and only recently we decided to see if we could repeat the magic with some of the embryos that were frozen when he was conceived. Well, only a few weeks ago we had 2 embryos put back. We named them Luck and Chance, because after 4 attempts to have Arthur, well, we knew we needed all the luck in the world. Here they are smiling for the camera:


Anyway, today we found out that both of them are doing well and we came back home with this photo:


To our amazement and joy, both embryos have implanted and seem to be doing extremely well. One of them was a bit shy, so you can’t actually see him here, but you can clearly see the other one on the left, waving his hand.

They’re 6 weeks old and only 6mm in size, so still really, really tiny and the first trimester is fraught with risk, but we have high hopes for them and if everything goes to plan we’ll have twins sometime late in September.

I’ll keep you posted with further news!


  1. Oh congratulations! And funny, even when I had my own ultrasound done (years ago) finding the “where’s Waldo” stumped me. When I look at yours, it looks like an owl LOL! Sorry LOL, I’m very happy for you both!

  2. Oh yay!!! Cant wait for more pics!!! LOL “waving his hand” How cute!! Gook luck Owen, fingers crossed (K)

  3. congrats! i’m so happy for you guys. you’ve definitely made me feel more hopefully about my fresh cycle, which is tentatively scheduled for one month from today!!

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