Some Twitter honey


We haven’t had a honeypost in some time and my bookmarks are just overflowing with interesting snippets for all of you to enjoy. I have so much to choose from that I decided to focus today on

So great links there, especially if you’re into Twitter. If you’re not, well maybe now is the time to sign up and give it a try. If you’re in there, don’t forget to follow me.


  1. @Sadie: Just make sure you tell all your friends about it. Oh .. and if you tweet it, you’ll see your Tweet in the Tweetbacks section above 😉

  2. Interesting information on Twitter Owen. When I first heard of Twitter, I didn’t think it would last. Shows you how good my intuition on these types of things is!

  3. i used to think twitter was annoying, but now i’ve found myself using it more lately. that’s probably because i got an iphone and it’s easier for me to think about now. i do enjoy seeing little tidbits of updates from people.

  4. I dont understand Twitter so I will have a looksie at the link and maybe they will help me out. oh BTW I had no luck with the cam problem lol. Thanks for trying to help me though.

  5. Owen, you always know the best sites!

    I have a question for you – have you come across a ‘Twaddress’ book in your travels. Often, I want to write someone a Twitter and can’t remember their correct Twitter name, so have to go searching for it.

    I’d love it, if there was an ‘autofill’ available on Tweetdeck. Can you suggest anything?

  6. Gosh, the Twitter folks do know a way to suck up a lot of your idle moments. What if the world’s next big genius who cures all diseases doesn’t do it because they are too busy on twitter? Oh…and you can find me on twitter too

  7. As usual Owen, excellent post and now you’ve just given me even more “homework” LOL! Thanks for all the links to Twitter though. We use it, and we know others are, too, but how they find the time to Tweet and get work done is beyond me. Maybe one of your posts will help…

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