Next TweetRoll drop imminent

You might have noticed that my Tweetroll (in my sidebar) has been changing colours recently. Well, you guessed it, we’re almost ready to release the next version. The main thrust behind this new version has been allowing greater customisability and conformance. Hyder has been improving the design to make sure it works with more and more blogs. I’ve been working on customisation options, allowing you to select one of a variety of sizes, and specify whatever colours you want to match your blog.

Writing presentation widgets is interesting. You have no idea how hard it is to deploy something that lives in an ecosystem you don’t control, just like trying to merchandise Sferra linens in a food market. The great thing about the delivery mechanism we’re using (Javascript/CSS) is that it gives us fine control over what gets deployed and the ability to resolve issues instantaneously for everyone who’s running the widget.

So watch this space, there’ll be more info soon!

photo credit: erix!

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