Isle of Man Online Services on a Wii

I always find it fascinating to see people using services we deploy in new and imaginative manners. Well, today I got some photos of what the Isle of Man Government Online Services look like on a Nintendo Wii and it was great to see that the site performed admirably. Ok, it’s only Opera, but we never tested it in that form factor or using that interface; so the fact that it worked fine is a testament to the great team I work with.

Here are the screenshots:

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to persuade our project sponsor that we need a Wii for “testing purposes”. Better luck next time …


  1. I couldn’t even get my employee to pay for an iPhone… and it actually is mainly for work. Oh well 🙁

  2. That sounds cool, you really need to keep trying to get that WII just think of the street cred if you get a WII sponsored through work.

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