Izea drops cost of sponsored post to $1

Just received an interesting email from Izea about Oppapalooza:

As you know we recently made some changes to the PayPerPost platform. While the feedback regarding our interface refinement has been great, we have also received some concerns relating to our pricing adjustments. I am sensitive to your pricing feedback and would like to try a new model for a limited time. My hope is that we will find a balance that works financially for advertisers, bloggers and IZEA. With that in mind, we have made the following changes:

– Minimum total cost per post reduced to $1.00
– Minimum word count reduced to 25 words with a link only option

That’s a pretty interesting development which is being pushed out till the end of the month allowing Izea to test the water with this “micro-payperpost” idea. My biggest concern is that this will affect the quality of the blogging network as it minimises the amount of effort people put into posting. On a positive note, it might also encourage new advertisers to try the medium out.

So, if you want to earn $1 for writing a sponsored post, click on the image above (disclosure: that’s my referral link) and sign up (referrals are still $15 each as far as I’m aware. If, on the other hand you want to try to buy some sponsored posts to see if it helps your online presence, here’s a signup sheet:

I’ll be interested to see the results of this experiment.


  1. We’ll see what happens. Testing things like this is pretty common. Hopefully whatever they decide on is best for everyone involved-

  2. Thanks for the info Owen! Trouble is I’ve only found available things to post about via SocialSpark, nary a single payperpost one yet. Granted I don’t check often enough, but… Thanks again for the information!

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