TweetRoll – Show your Twitter friends on your blog

Hyder and I have just completed putting the finishing touches on TweetRoll and have made it available to the world. It’s a widget you can add to your blog, website or any other webpage which lets you flaunt your Twitter details and show some of people you have started following recently. Adding the widget to your page is as simple as adding a single line of Javascript. The widget then runs off our server, asks Twitter for your details and presents them on a widget similar to the one shown alongside.

It’s my first initiative playing with the Twitter API and I’m pretty pleased with how quickly it’s come together. The Twitter API is pretty easy to use and thanks to Hyder‘s mastery of CSS the net result is an attractive looking widget that should look quite good on most people’s blog.

This is still the first public drop of the widget, so please feel free to drop me any comments as to what you’d like improved and what features you’d like to see. You can either leave them here or follow me on Twitter.


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