What do I do with this domain?

Funny thing happened yesterday. I found I had a domain name I registered in October and had totally forgotten about! It’s called OwenCutajar.com and I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to be doing with it. I think I’ll be using it create an online profile for myself and maybe some sort of professional profile.

Thing is, there’s bits of me all over the place, spread across different social networks and a multitude of different blogs. Maybe this is the place I should bring them all together.

Not sure .. what do you think I should do with it? How do you think I can use it effectively?


  1. I bought my name as a domain and use it as a re-direct to my blog (http:www.kellylenihan.com). That way, when people Google my name, not only does my website come up, but so does my blog (because seriously, who’s going to Google “Renaissance Cafe” and find me?)

    Good luck!

  2. Definitely, use it to be your online presence and link to your other online efforts that is what I do. Include a brief overview of your career, highlight some of your other sites (blogs…), etc..

    And include a page that links to social sites.

    This site can remain a constant and be updated over the years as different areas take precedence. For years I highlight my other sites and past work experience. Now I include those, but focus on providing a sampling of my blog posts on the various blogs I edit.

    Hopefully your personal site will be one of the top few pages in a search for your name.

  3. My blog domain is my name, a while I love my blog and feel confident in everything I post, I sometimes wish I had used it for something professional. I’d say once a week someone gets to my blog by Googling my full time.

  4. I would use it as my main online presence and link out to all the blogs and other social networks of interest to me. Also if you are focused in on a niche you could even develop the site a bit more to create yourself as an authority in that field.

  5. I think an online profile or a blog that captures all you do is a great idea. It seems like many people do that and it’s nice to see everything in one place!

  6. It is well worth having your own Domain and in your case I would use it as a hub to all your other websites. My domain is Tapir Travel as that is my niche.

  7. You would not believe how many domain names we’ve picked up along the way. For example instead of this huge long one I type each time, we’ve got “oimstrategies.com” (which I wish to heaven we’d thought of first LOL! The best idea would be to use it as a wiki about yourself and your interests? Or redirect it with either a temp or permanent 304 (I think it’s 304? 301?). It’s getting too close to the holidays, of which I’ve done less than nothing to get ready for, so my mind isn’t thinking straight 🙂

  8. i think using it to link to all your social networking sites and other web sites is a great idea. that way people can find everything at one site.

  9. For any professional purpose you need an own domain home pase with resume and samples. And also somewhere to list your other online projects in a central place.

  10. I own julieannvazquez.com and it’s just sitting there doing nothing. Maybe I should make a sort of portal with links to my blog, social networks, and other things.

  11. Do your personal profile. I know I don’t have to explain to you how to do it as you’re the guru! I’m still working on mine called ConnieFoggles.

  12. Use it as a bio and portfolio to summarize and organize professional and personal things online. You could include a feed to pick up your articles from your various sites.

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