What do you think of the Honeypot?

Well, it’s been interesting to see how the blog has been evolving over the last few months. The big changes started happening when I got some comments from a couple of people that my blog was suffering from tehamtic inconsistency issues. This was compounded when I asked Google what it would categorise my site as, and the result came back as “Misc”

From that point forth, I decided to start up a number of different blogs each focused on a particular niche. It means that each blog only gets a few posts a week, but that’s probably a good thing, as content stays on the front page for longer (lower churn). Here are some of my blogs in case you’re looking for something to read:

  • MBA Geek: I try to keep my pure business posts here. Based on my current employment in the Isle of Man I’m doing more “enabling” work than actual technology, so there’s been some interesting things to post about.
  • A bit of this and a bit of that: My personal blog, which contains a real variety of stuff, mostly personal and my family, my diet, holidays and lots more
  • The Joke Shop: Pretty much all my jokes go here. It’s pretty busy I must say 😉
  • WordPress Guru: My WordPress exploits go mostly here, though I do put some more mainstream ones on this one. Might turn this into a WordPress consultancy one day .. who knows!
  • AskOwen: If someone asks me a technical question, say about automated OS recovery, then I use it for a way to store the question and it’s answer.

I have another couple of blogs but those are the main ones. But the net effect is that taking those topics out has allowed this blog to mature into something that’s a bit more me. Ok, it’s still very varied and rich, but hopefully it’s a bit more consistent. What do you think? Do you enjoy reading it?

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