Nice shirt Ted

I wore my new Izea T-shirt today, the one that Ted send me all the way from the US. It fits pretty nicely even though the size *should* be a bit small for me. (Good thing I lost some weight)

I must say, T-shirts are always a great way to advertise your business as people are usually quite happy to walk around with your advert on their back or chest. This one is particularly nice as it’s a bright colour and the logo is in an unusual place. And I’m happy enough with it to blog about it. How many of you can say you have an Izea T-shirt, huh?

Ok, I’m rambling now .. maybe it’s time for bed …


  1. @Dwayne
    You’re only saying that because you don’t have one.

    (I’d happily regress into an ‘Insult War’, but don’t want to leave too much of your blood’n’snot all over Owen’s blog. He is a good guy who helps others all the time. You’re just never going to comprehend the lack of malice that people must feel to offer assistance for free.)

    PS Your mum says hi – and says if you play nice she’ll pay you some attention next year.

  2. @Dwayne, get a life and don’t insult Owen. This guy thought me so much that I don’t have the words to thank him.

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