Shopping Confessions

Do you have a great shopping cofession story to share? Well, if you pop down to you can share your experiences and see what other great stories other shoppers have left. And you can win some great cash prizes for sharing your story if you’re lucky. Here’s something to give you a taste:

Here’s how you sign up. Head down to the Registration Page and sign up there. If you’d like to give me credit for referring you, just pop the URL of this blog into the URL field on the signup form (that’s It doesn’t matter if your online shopping experience is about Danze faucets, jazz shoes or grow lamps; if you have a great story .. share it! .. It could make you rich!


  1. What an interesting concept! 15 years ago I would have had a lot of confessions, but I really don’t shop that often anymore. Don’t know why, but it’s just not as fun as it used to be – more like work LOL!

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