YouTube launches full-length episodes

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Interesting news this morning that YouTube has announced that they are going to start featuring full-length movies and episodes which will include in-steam video ads to keep the broadcasters happy. This seems to be a move directed to counter the threat that Hulu affords them, particularly as they have launched similar features to them in the recent past. It seems that shorter videos will still be ad-free, but the full-length features will need to be monitised to support the model they have pursued with their advertisers.

So, down I popped to give it a try and here’s what I get:

Hmm, seems like they’ve decided to omit 95% of Internet users by restricting usage to just one country. I’m hoping that this is for scaling/trial reasons rather than something their broadcasters are insisting on (which is probably the case). The reality is, if they restrict access to this material, then it will just drive users to seek out other services and this will really prevent users from adopting their services.

So, before you throw away your TV, invest in some new modern furniture and high speed satellite internet and a new giant monitor for your computer, check if the service works in your area. You may be disappointed, I know I was.


  1. Thats interesting for sure. I don’t use Youtube too much but on the occasions I do use it I tend to find what I want.

    Perhaps I will be able to find the old animated Batman cartoon now.

  2. I’ve experimented with YouTube and video (got a great camera that came with preloaded YT software), but this is news to me. Full length shows… wow 🙂

  3. I rather suspect the country restriction is perminant–because they try to roll things out in stages and US is first. So they don’t want to decrease demand in foreing markets for more expensive options. That would be my guess anyway.

  4. I hope it will open up to other countries and soon. For me, until I get a laptop, I’ll be watching from my old TV so I can relax in my recliner.

  5. I watched a show on youtube once and it was a scramble to find all 5-12 different segments to see the whole thing. interesting

  6. I expect to see more and more regional restriction as YouTube utilizes in video advertisement. Southparkstudios worked in Malta, so I had some free entertainment there. Youtube doesn’t load for me in T U N 1 S 1 A at all, which has been a bummer.

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