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Well, you learn something new every day. To me Network Solutions was the place where you use to go to buy domain names. I stopped using them because I found a cheaper provider, but now I see you can get .com domains from there for $9.99. And interestingly, you can register a domain for 100 years. That’s a good way not to forget that you need to renew your domain. Anyway, that wasn’t what I was going to blog about.

I noticed today that they also offer web design services. They basically have two different types of services; a standard service where a user gets to select from one pre-designed templates and a premium service where you work with a development team to create the exact website you require. I don’t know how long they’ve been doing this for, but it does make sense to see them branching out into providing services that are complementary to their core business. They present a whole list of advantages as to why someone should go for their services and some of them sound pretty compelling.

Luckily, I wouldn’t ever use them, because I can do my own work, but it’s always good to know what sort of services are available on the market. The question is: if you needed a website built, would you consider someone like Network Solutions?

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  1. My sister started her first business website with Network Solutions, and their uptime was superlative, and it’s a great way to get your feet wet if you’ve no experience with building sites.

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