Android-based, HTC-made, T-mobile powered G1 hits the streets

Unless you were hiding under a rock yesterday, you’d have heard the news that Android, Google‘s new mobile operating system finally has a home. The first device to sport this is the G1, and HTC device that T-mobile will be making available to punters on a choice of two tarrifs. The device looks cool, though there are still some niggles that I’m sure will be resolved pretty sharpish. It’s got GPS, WiFi, a touchscreen, an accelerometer, a camera, Gmail, Google Maps, a Webkit-based browser an App market and a keyboard. What more could you want on a phone?

It should be available in the US and UK by the “end of the year“, but this particular offering will be locked to T-mobile (until someone writes an unlock for it). However, the OS is open source, so it won’t be long before a whole host of other mobile phones could be running it. Expect a number of gadget sites to be publishing instructions on how to install it on unlocked cell phones with the right specification as it becomes more and more commonplace.

I’m still on my Windows Mobile XDA here. It does the trick but I’d love to get my mitts on one of these.


  1. Quoted from “will look much better after Qualcomm’s video accelerator is released” — I really hope they get around to actually providing the much needed driver for the HTC TyTn II’s video acceleration chip. Its ridiculous that my ancient iPaq 2210 works better with 3D and video!

  2. Also one of the reviews you linked to complained that the mini-USB style headphone (and charger etc.) socket does not yet have a adaptor for 3.5mm headphones. The TyTn II has such an adaptor, so unless HTC have weirdly altered the pin-outs, it should work fine on the G1

  3. Am 15 I had a lot of phones but my g1 is the best I love my g1 lol its soo cool if u don’t have one u need 2 go n get one ppl. Its da best phone u can buy way better ten da i phone g1 is the best!!!!

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