Spread your photo-love with PicWing

Wouldn’t it be great to have a photo collection you could share with people both offline and online? Well, this is what PicWing addresses, a great concept where you can buy a digital photo frame and populate it simply by sending a photo to an email address. The photo frame is actually an embedded Linux device which uses a Wifi connection to downloading photo updates and then display them in a Flash application. It’s a simple idea but just think of the potential applications. You can give a frame to your family and update it with photos from your travels around the world. You can take a photo with your phone and send it directly to your friend’s desk. Or you could give one to the grandparents to show them your child’s new baby clothes.

You don’t need to buy a frame to take advantage of their services. They can also be distributed to a webpage or to a desktop application. In fact I’ve created one with some photos of Arthur which I plan to put on his grandparent’s computers. They are also distributed onto his blog and if you click on Tab 3 of my Media Corner (on the right), you can watch the slideshow too. Now isn’t that clever?

btw, you can also use it to send photos to a Chumby. I’d love one of these for Xmas .. anyone?


  1. I gotta tell ya, that’s pretty sweet. I could definitely see the uses of this thing. Send the Grandparents pictures every week.

  2. @Edward: Thanks for producing the software and your innovation around that space. Now all I need is to persuade my wife to buy me a PicWing frame for Xmas 😉

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