What is the Media Corner?

I got a comment today from one of the readers on this blog:

Hi Owen,

I’m looking around for the Media Corner widget you’re using. I can’t seem to find it. Can you provide a link?


I’m sorry to disappoint you Andy, it’s not actually a widget you can download and use. It’s actually part of a brand spanking new theme I’ve been working with Hyder from FreshPressThemes. It’s a Super WordPress Theme that gives you the power to configure the way your blog is laid out, whether you have pictures, adverts, tabs, featured posts, sidebars and loads of other things. And then there’s the Media Module that you’re seeing at the top of my sidebar. This is a Super feature that lets you upload pictures or point at different videos around the Web. And that’s only the start, we have loads of other things planned for it (but that’s a secret)

Anyway, FreshPress Themes is getting a brand new design and as part of that there’s going to be a grand competition with this theme as the prize. If you want to be the lucky guy, or girl, that wins a free copy this is your chance, simply enter your email to sign up to our newsletter and product updates and you will be entered into a draw. One lucky chap will get this Super theme for free – with free future updates for life.

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