Need some more free cards (maybe even rubber stamps) for my blog

I was watching Jenn twitter about business cards a few minutes ago and it reminded me that I needed to get myself some more “blog business cards”. *blush* Ok, I’ll admit it, this blog has business cards. It partly stems from the fact that my blog URL or blog name isn’t really memorable; but some time back I had used Vistaprint to make some free cards for the blog, so that I could just give them out to people when I talked about it. They proved to be a great success, but I eventually ran out and need to make some more.

Free cards you ask? Well, yes, Vistaprint do them as a promotional offer. All you pay is the shipping for them, and they do have Vistaprint’s details on the back; but they were great for what I wants them for. You can pay a bit extra and clear the advertising details, and they still work out to be quite cheap. They also do rubber stamps, full colour postcards and anything else you may need to help market your company, so it’s worth keeping them in mind, especially if you only want a small run of materials

Anyway, if you want your 250 free cards, you can get them here

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