Latest version of WordPress: 2.6.1

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There’s been a new point release of WordPress dropped to fix some minor bugs with 2.6. Nothing major and in fact, there’s no real need to upgrade unless you have a problem that’s been addressed here. Here’s some information about what it contains:

2.6.1 offers several improvements for international users.  Styling of the admin for right-to-left languages is much improved thanks to the efforts of the Farsi and Hebrew translation teams, and a mysterious gettext bug caused by certain PHP configurations is now fixed.  For IIS users, 2.6.1 fixes several permalink problems. Image insertion problems in the Press This feature experienced by IE users are also fixed. Of note to everyone is a fix for a performance bug in the admin where those with a lot of plugins would experience slowness on some pages.

Some last minute bugs always get introduced in a big release and a .1 release usually fix all these. If you think you need it get it here

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