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Here’s an interesting concept: a social network for pets. Well, actually it’s for pet owners to share stories, information and photos about their pets; but if the pets could use it, I’m sure they would. I’m talking about Zootoo, a social network created with animals in mind, where people can sign up, meet other people with similar pets and share advice, get tips and recommendations and even try and even help choose the cutest pet.

This last feature is reminiscent of Hot or Not (which I personally believe was one of the seminal sites which kicked off the whole social phenomenon), but really the whole site is geared around people whose pets are part of their lifestyle. They’re also very active in helping pet shelters by helping to collect money for them and sponsoring pet food.

All in all, it’s interesting to see these vertical niches of social networking websites which spring around real social groupings. This is a pretty valuable idea which can help organisations target their offerings around people who have a defined social pattern. In this case it’s pets, but it really could anything.

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