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Winter landscape

So, I’ve been using PicApp for a couple of weeks now to supply my blog with photos from their massive collection. I still have PhotoDropper installed, but I’m giving this a try. They have access to some great photo libraries but also provide editorial photos that are added to their collection as soon as the event happens.

The great thing about PicApp is that it’s very easy to find relevant photos for any post you want to do. So, if I’m talking about satellite internet services for example, all I have to do is type “satellite” into PicApp, and voila, I have a total of 117 different images to choose from; and I went for this:

Radio Telescopes

I’ve been thinking they might be a bit overpowering on the blog. What do you think? Do you think they enhance of detract from the posts you’re reading?


  1. I think they look great especially since you’re in the running for that Blog World Contest and the picapp images are helping you get closer to getting there. Do you know of anyone else in the competition?

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