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One of my favourite WordPress plugins: Redirection, has just been upgraded to a brand new version. It’s a complete rewrite and while the functionality is similar to the previous version, the code has been broken down into more modular sections and the UI has had a major overhaul. So what does the plugin allow you to do? Here’s the blurb from the site:

Redirection is a WordPress plugin to manage 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors, and generally tidy up any loose ends your site may have. This is particularly useful if you are migrating pages from an old website, or are changing the directory of your WordPress installation.

Features include:

  • Supports both WordPress-based and Apache-based redirections
  • 404 error monitoring – captures a log of 404 errors and allows you to easily map these to 301 redirects
  • RSS feed for 404 errors
  • Custom ‘pass-through’ redirections allowing you to pass a URL through to another page, file, or website.
  • Full logs for all redirected URLs
  • Create redirections based upon a URL, browser, referring site, or login status
  • Automatically add a 301 redirection when a post’s URL changes
  • Full regular expression support
  • Fully localized
  • Export all redirections to CSV, XML, or Apache .htaccess files
  • Import Apache .htacces files

This is probably one of the most useful plugins I have. Recently, I retired my old dasBlog blog and migrated all my posts to WordPress. Unfortunately, the old URLs bear little resemblance to my new ones, but thanks to this plugin I can set up 301 redirects to the new posts pretty easily. I’ve actually donated some cash towards the plugin, it’s THAT good!

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