Trying out TweetWhatYouEat

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I’ve decided to try a new way to record what I eat. Not that I had any problems with Calorie Counter, it’s a great website and extremely comprehensive. But, as I’m always playing with new websites and this one is a novel idea, I’ve decided to switch to TweetWhatYouEat.

The way it works is simple. Every time you eat something, you send a Tweet through Twitter to their website which collects all the different things you’ve eaten and shows you a calorie count at the end of the day. I’m currently trying to keep my intake at around 1500 calories a day, and this is perfect as all I need is a running total. The great thing about Twitter is that you can send you tweet from anywhere. I can send it from my blog if I’m out and about, from GTalk if I’m at my computer, and even from my mobile phone if I’m out and about. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve become a great fan of Twitter recently.

Check out my food diary


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