ManxArcade opens it’s doors again

Arcade game
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Thanks to the sterling effort of the boys down at ManxJam, we now have a brand spanking new ManxArcade. You can now find me there spending my precious time playing classics like:

*sigh* I was really hoping to get some work done this weekend!

Which are your favourite games. I must admit I have spent a lot of time playing Diamond Valley 2

computer animation with New York


  1. I have to say, yes they’re games but I’m not real impressed.
    There’s no ‘design’ to the site as such, it’s obviously vBulletin and the Page Rank is pretty poor for being around for nearly a year.

    It’s nice to see Manx sites though

  2. @Andy: I like the fact that someone’s taken the initiative to do this. I think it’s a step in the right direction and hopefully we’ll see something grow out of it.

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