Outlook vs Google Mail

Ever wondered if you should be using Outlook or Gmail? Well, Lifehacker have put together a great write-up comparing features between the two ways of approaching email. Now, strictly speaking, the two mechanisms are totally different beasts, with Outlook designed for the corporate market, while Gmail being focused on the masses. However, it’s good to see the strengths and weaknesses of each.

One thing worth noting is that features from different packages tend to migrate to each other as the products evolve. It will be interesting to see how the products develop in the future

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  1. The feature I like least about gmail is it doesn’t allow for folders.

    Jen Thomas
    Muvar Software

  2. Personally I have all my various POP3 e-mail accounts picked up by GMail first, then downloaded into Outlook.

    Best (free) spam filtering solution I’ve found so far 🙂 This approach means I have a backup of my non-GMail e-mail available should my PST file take another nose dive or another hard drive fail.

  3. >>Jen (sorry, your msg hadn’t been moderated when I posted mine). Is it not possible to use IMAP with Outlook, and labels with GMail’s web interface to achieve something similar to folders? Completely ignorant of this approach’s suitability, but just a thought…

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