iPhone frenzy hits the streets

It seems like everyone and his dog is after the new 3G iPhone today. Here are a few snippets of information from my feeds at the moment:

  • The App Store: Day One – A synopsis what’s selling on the iPhone store and some interpretation of the numbers.
  • New iPhone goes on sale – The Guardian talks about the iPhone going on sale here in the UK which they are expecting to sell out relatively quickly.
  • iPhone gets dissected – What’s the first thing these guys did when they got their new iPhone? Call their mum? Book Lasik eye surgery? Nope. They took it apart!
  • iPhone OS 2.0 Unlocked – Yup, the software that comes with the brand spanking new iPhone has already been cracked wide open.

To answer your question, nope, I’m not planning on getting one, but it is quite amusing to see the frenzy that Apple has managed to whip up for their shiny new toy. One day .. maybe one day.

And for all you WordPress users out there .. keep an eye out for the new WordPress App for iPhone.

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