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I’ve been asked by a couple of people in the past whether I had a Donation page on this website. It’s usually people using my WordPress plugins who ask this question, but I’ve had the occasional person who I’ve helped with something or other. Now, I’ve never really asked anyone for cash, as I’m a sincere believer that any contributions to an Open Source platform should also be Open Source, and I’m also perfectly happy to help someone if I’m learning something out of it; but someone recently asked if at least they could buy me a drink…. and that set me thinking about the possibility of creating a WordPress plugin to do just that ….

Except .. there’s already a plugin out there to do that. It’s the most excellent Buy-Me-A-Beer plugin written by Ankesh Kothari. I’ve seen the donation concept on a number of websites, with people collecting for African causes, saving to buy women’s lingerie and even surgical procedures! I always pause to wonder how much money they’ve actually collected, so what I’m doing here is partly experimental too.

Anyway, the plugin’s default is beer and while I enjoy the occasional beer, it’s really coffee that fuels my development work. A latte from our local coffee shop, Java Lounge costs £2.79, and if you click on the link in my sidebar, you can buy me one!


  1. @Tine: Sorry for not speaking to you online, my computer is on every if I’m not around, so the website shows me as being Online even if I’m not around.

    Re your plugin, I’ve looked through the source on you page and your sidebar seems to have a

    in between the

  2. s. I would try to clean those up first.

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