FireFox 3 RC2 now available

Firefox 2I’ve just upgraded my browser to Release Candidate 2 of FireFox 3 which has some bug fixes over the previous version. I had some problems with Beta 5, but have been using RC1 without any issue ever since it was made available. It seems like there’s quite a bit of effort put into the quality of this release and it’s unlikely there will be any blockers in the final drop. I love all the new features and browsing is particularly zippy.

Comments from around the blogosphere echo my feeling that this is the best browser available at the moment, and really grows on anyone using it. It does take up quite a bit of memory on my box, but when you look at all the functionality I have plugged into it, well, I’m not too surprised. I’m sure more can be improved on the memory handling, but, as long as it does the job and I have enough spare memory, I don’t have any problems with it.

As you might know, FireFox is going to try and go for a download record on the day it is released. You can pledge to download and will be notified as soon as it’s available. (You can find badges there to promote the release day, so move your speaker mounts next to the window, pump up the volume and tell the whole world to download it)

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