Playing with Scoutle

I came across a really interesting website called Scoutle today. It’s an interesting social network facility for bloggers and websites which promises to link you up with other sites that are similar in interest and content. It uses a ranking algorithm to let your “scout” run around the web and be matched up with other “scouts” with similar interested. You’ll see my little scout in my sidebar and I’m hoping add one to all my other blogs.

Here’s a little snippet that explains how it works

The one thing I like about this social network is the emphasis on the quality of your connections rather than the quantity. For example, a technology website will be linked up with a gadget website rather than one that sells term life insurance. It models real life where you have 100s of acquaintances, but only a few friends. And the more people who sign up for it, the better it will get. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!


  1. I saw Scoutle posted on a couple of forums, but it was your post that tipped me over the edge into giving it a try. Thanks for that! I agree, it’s a really interesting concept – another way to find and connect with blogs in your own niche. I’m hoping they’ll come up with a couple of different widget options in different sizes, however, as it’s a pretty tight fit on my sidebar!

  2. Well Jen, in the near future you will be able to adjust your own Stage. Changing colors for instance will be available in the near future.

    Meet You Soon! –


  3. It took me long time to active. I installed it but I couldn’t see the walking persons. I can’t wait or I will remove it then…

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