Giving up on FF3b5

What a shame! I’ve tried switching back to using FireFox 3 Beta 5, but I just can’t get it to keep running on my Vista laptop. It runs for a bit, crashes, then Windows reports a Data Execution Prevention issue with it. This morning I just get getting DEP errors every time I ran it. I could turn DEP off, but I’m not comfortable doing that for this reason, because of the previous crashes that Firefox was giving me, so I’ve switched back to Firefox v2.

It’s a real shame, because FireFox 3 performs much better than the previous version. It’s much snappier and it’s more fun to use, but I’ll wait for the next release before trying to switch again. It might be a problem with one of the Addons I have installed, but I can’t put my finger on what is causing it. First time it happened I was browsing SearchMann, the next time when accidentally hitting a medicare advantage website and today when loading Facebook. So there’s no rhyme or reason behind the questions. Anyway, I’ve submitted crash dumps so I’ve done my part. Now it’s back to “old browser” land

Update: Hmm .. what seems to break it is the TinyMCE that WordPress uses as an editor. Can’t live without that I’m afraid. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next drop.

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  1. I’ve got 2 XP Pro installs and a Vista laptop. All had FF3B5 on with various, different addons. Two installs fine, but one of the XP Pros was crashing randomly while browsing too. Removing the addons did stabilise it but I never spent any time trying to narrow it down.

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