Time for the big move

Ok .. it’s time for the big move! I’ve already imported all my dasBlog posts to WordPress (bringing my total posts to around 1800 posts dating back from June 2003! Now the time has come to turn OFF dasBlog and hope all my traffic switches over to the new blog.

In order to help this I’ll be using a plugin called Redirection that will help me track my missing pages, and put up a manual redirection to the WordPress post. I’m expecting the next few days to be really hectic, but once I get the most popular pages moved in, the old links will keep working, expect they will end up pointing to my WordPress pages. The plugin uses 301 redirects so I’m hoping my search engine ranking won’t be affected too much.

In the meantime, you might see some broken pages if they end with .ASPX, but this should sort itself out over the next few days.

Once again .. if you spot something wierd .. let me know.


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