Imported dasBlog Posts

I’ve finally got round to importing my old blog posts from my old dasBlog blog. I’ve had my old blog running in .Net alongside this blog running in PHP ever since I switched to WordPress. However the time has come for me to switch dasBlog off and consolidate everything on WordPress.

The process wasn’t straightforward as there’s no simple mechanism to accomplish the transfer. I ended up exporting everything from dasBlog into RSS (which unfortunately means I lose all the comments on the blog posts), breaking up the RSS file into smaller bits and importing them one by one into WordPress. Unfortunately the formatting got a bit screwed on the way in, but all the text is there. Categorisation suffered a bit too, as WordPress doesn’t understand the was dasBlog handles nested categories. But I’ll slowly clean up the old posts and one day, all will be fine.

Let me know if you spot anything wierd


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