Where to go on holiday?

Well, that time of year is upon us. You know, the time where you realise you have a bunch of holidays saved up, but haven’t actually decided where you want to go. We were originally planning to go on a cruise this year, but yesterday were discussing how next year is our 10 year anniversary, so might just leave the cruise for that. Thing is, it’s always nice to go somewhere in Spring, though I’m not sure which the greatest spring vacation we ever took really was. I think Venice might be pretty close though. We had gone there a couple of years ago and it was great fun to be running up and down the canals on the ferries. I particularly liked walking through the narrow windy streets away from the tourist areas, exploring the occasional shop and just taking the city in.

We might do something totally different this year, and the further away from that picture I can think of might be the rowdy city of Las Vegas. I was looking around for more information and came across the Trusted Tours & Attractions website, a company who does sightseeing tours in the area. The page that got my attention was the “Things to do in Las Vegas” page, where I came across a tour of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam which I wouldn’t mind taking. The website also has some great photos and videos of the area.

One last thing about the website, if you sign up for their newsletter they are currently running a competition where you can win a Handheld GPS. But hurry, the competition ends on the 30th April, so get your entries in!

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