Some linklove for Greymatter commentors

Just thought I’d take a page out of Sherrilynne’s book and acknowledge some of the kind folk who took the time to comment on this blog. I believe that blogging is all about initiating a conversation and if noone reads or comments on my posts, I find it changes the flavour of what I’m doing. So here are some people who took the trouble to comment this week:

Thanks for letting me know someone reads all this 😉


  1. Hey Owen, I like reading your blog each day when I drop my entrecard. I may not comment often but try to when I can. Thanks for the link love.

  2. What a terrific idea!

    I entirely agree (as I’m sure most bloggers do) that receiving comments plays such a huge part in how you blog. Even someone saying one line can make all the difference!

    Comments are such magical little gifts – they really do make a huge difference!

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