Memories of Dubai

Dubai TowerIsn’t it funny how sometimes images, smells and sounds can reawaken the past for you? One such example is the photo here of the Jumeirah hotel at Burj Al Arab in Dubai. I only saw this place once, while we were on honeymoon some 8 years ago. However, seeing this photo always takes me back to that memorable trip and makes me wonder when we’re going on our next luxury trip.

The visit to Dubai was actually not in our initial plans, however when we were planning the trip, we found out that Arab Emirates, the airline we were using, has some sort of promotion for Dubai holidays whereby you could stop over for 3 days at an extremely cheap rate (could even have been free). Camille had visited Dubai in the past when she had been air crew and had wanted to show me around, so off we went.

Funny how things fall in place sometimes, isn’t it?

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