Upgraded to WordPress 2.5

I’ve just pushed this blog up to WordPress 2.5. I’ve already rolled it out onto a number of other blogs and have had absolutely no problems. I’ve reactivated all plugins, but if you find any problems, just let me know.

There’s some amazing stuff in this drop. Here are some of the new enhancements:

  • Cleaner, faster, less cluttered dashboard
  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Multi-file upload with progress bar
  • Bonus: EXIF extraction
  • Search posts and pages
  • Few-click plugin upgrades (My favourite feature)
  • Friendlier visual post editor
  • Built-in galleries

If you haven’t upgraded yet, what are you waiting for?


  1. When I click through to the post to leave a comment, half of it disappears – I hope that’s nto a new feature, too.

    Personally, I’m still waiting for a couple of plug-ins to become 2.5 friendly. And with 2.5.1 due in about a month – with a bunch of bug fixes that didn’t make it into the 2.5 release (even though they were known about before release) – I’m thinking it may well be worth waiting.

  2. @Wolfie: No, that’s just that caching on my blog. I published the post half way through, so that’s the first impression the cache got.

    It sorts itself out after a bit. Wish I knew how to force it though .. or WHAT is actually caching. I don’t actually have any caching modules installed!

    Re 2.5, I haven’t had any problems with any plug-ins at all so far. That’s pretty good for any WP drop!

  3. Upgrading to WP 2.5 broke my WP install entirely! It was a nightmare! Thankfully I’ve managed to save all my posts and comments but had to do an entire new install, which was a shame.

    As such I’ve been reinstalling all the plugins I used to use, and so far only your Comment Email Responder one seems to fail. 🙁 I have left a comment on the plugin page.

    I’m glad everything is working for you though. For most people the upgrade seemed painless, I only wish mine had been the same!

  4. @Emz: I haven’t come across any problems with WP 2.5 and that plugin. Are you using the same theme you were before?

  5. After I left my previous comment, I had started to conclude that your plugin was not the problem, that something else was going wonky. I also realised akismet was acting weird too!

    Anywho, I’ll leave the details on the plugin page, so that others can read it.

    Regarding your question, I originally wasn’t using the same theme I had been before, but I did switch back momentarily to see if that was the problem. If only it had been!

    I am now successfully running WP2.5 with your plugin (and everything else I want). 🙂

  6. I don’t think the benefit upgrade is quite significant. User experience and ease of use is indeed important, but I believe it’s just a matter of habituation. There’s no upgrade in performance, so I’d rather use 2.3.2 with plugins.

    maybe i’m just to lazy to upgrade :mrgreen:

  7. Well, I must say that 2.5 has proved to be a substantial boost in terms of my personal productivity. Just the fact that I can upgrade plugins at the touch of a button has made the upgrade worthwhile.

    Would recommend the upgrade to anyone

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