New Look on StrivePR

strive.pngSpent some time over the weekend playing with Strive Notes, the blog a friend of mine uses for her PR firm. It was my first installation of the finished version WordPress 2.5 and I was pretty impressed at how smoothly it all went. The blog upgrade was flawless, took around 20 seconds and everything just worked after that. Once the base software was on, we picked out a new theme, added some widget and voila’ the blog now looks fresh and current, all set to go.

The main thing that stuck in my mind was how great it is when software just works. It’s easy to remember when things go wrong and we always talk about mishaps we have, however when things go smoothly, we tend to forget about all the things that could have gone wrong. Was speaking to a friend the other day who’s AV rig stopped working after a couple of years, because one of his HDMI switches was on the blink. He didn’t talk about all the stuff that never broke down, just about this one component. It’s a funny aspect of human nature how easily it is to take things for granted and assume they will always be there. I wonder if there’s an actual psychological term for it.

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