Mobile Blogging

I came across a great feature on The BenSpark today. If you look at his posts, you’ll see that they have an what looks like a thin bar with a Play button underneath:


Well, when you click Play, you can hear an audio post that he’s attached to his post. It’s a great idea and a service being offered by Utterz, something I know Ben is a great fan of. I hadn’t realised they had made such inroads into mobile blogging though, and it’s definitely a market that will grow in the future.

That’s another thing on my bookmark list that I need to spend some serious time on. Seriously, I think I need to take a week off just to catch up on the things I have piling up to be looked at. I need an extra hour in a day like a teenager needs acne treatment! Funny thing, time though, it always seems to go quicker when you’re busy. Strange huh?


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