WP Auctions goes GOLD!

WPAuctionsIt gives me great pleasure to announce that WP Auctions, a WordPress plugin to enable you to sell items directly off your blog (without paying any listing/gallery/reserve fees), has finally reached Version 2.0. This version boasts a number of enhancements over the previous version, including:

  • Upload multiple images for each auction
  • Sell items only on ‘Buy It Now’ basis
  • Sell items with a ‘Buy it Now’ price
  • Show your auctions in a list, rather than graphical, format
  • Include link to your eBay feedback if you have any
  • 5 free styles packaged with the theme
  • Use on as many blogs as you like

The new version comes at a small cost, but if you do sell items regularly, it will quickly make up for the cost in saved fees. The previous version is still free, and can be downloaded from WordPress Plugins. Oh, and you can also make a 40% commission on any sales, so if you know anyone interested, check out the details on Hyder’s blog.

It’s nice to get to a stable release that can go out to the world. It’s funny really, I feel like I’m undergoing drug rehabilitation as I was hooked on continuing the effort on the plugin and now that’s been taken away. But don’t worry, I have other things lined up that are bound to keep my busy. I’m messing with Drupal, Facebook Apps and I have my final two MBA exams in June. I’m a sucker for punishment really …


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