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It’s not always that I feel the need to drop everything I’m doing to try out some new software (ok, maybe it’s more common with me than with most people), but when I read about a plugin called PhotoDropper on BloggingCents, I just had to run off and try it. It’s an awesome plugin that lets you add photos from Flickr to your post, while you are writing your post. You don’t have to open another window and search for your photo, the plugin adds another section to your WordPress screen so that you can search, view, select and insert your photo in a couple of seconds. The image on the left shows what the plugin looks like in the control panel.

? So I installed it and tried it out, and it works extremely nicely. If I was writing a post about bird supplies for example, and needed a picture of a bird, the plugin helps me find one I can use. It took me 3 seconds to find and insert this photo:

Creative Commons License photo credit: anna-rchy

(On an aside, that reminds me that a friend of mine asked me to pick up some bird seed for his pet. Almost forgot about it, so will make a note somewhere that I need to visit the pet shop)

I’m pretty impressed! The plugin makes use of images off Flickr because they are covered by a Creative Commons license letting other people make use of them. If you are a commercial entity, the plugin also has an option to only show material that is allowed for commercial work.

Much recommended!


  1. @Laarni: It will work even if you’re a noob 😉 .. Seriously, it takes the photos from all the ones on Flickr, not just the ones in your account

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about my Flickr photos showing up on other people’s blogs though. But then I would have to change all my photos to “private”, right? Hmmmph.

  3. Hey! Its my my bird photo that you’re using up there! I love to see my work getting out there on the net! It makes me all happy on the inside to see people sharing. Just thought I’d let you know. Anna xo

  4. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for popping by. It’s a lovely photo!

    I know exactly what you mean about people using your stuff. I write WordPress plugins sometimes and it’s great when people write back to say they found them useful

    Thanks for sharing


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