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Kevin down at FuelMyBlog is running a competition together with TheCuteKid, a website that holds a monthly competition to find the cutest kid culminating in “The Cutest Kid of the Year 2008” with a $25,000 college tuition fund. Anyway, while reading about the competition I saw a cool slideshow he created with; and as I’m always a big fan of tools that allow users to create content, I popped down to have a look. I used it to create a competition entry using Arthur as my subject .. after all, he is the cutest kid on the Internet. Have a peep:

With looks like those .. he’s bound to go far! Arthur sat next to me during the whole process, choosing the photos (we have over 6000 photos in our collection now, ranging from mistaken photos of the floor, to incriminating photos of Arthur reaching for a tub of Curvelle, to some amazing shots my wife took), uploading them, messing with the options and producing the final display. Throughout the whole thing he kept pointing at the screen and saying “Atter” then pointing at himself and saying “Me”. He did take the occasional break pointing at me and saying “Daddy”, but he was pretty happy seeing himself on my laptop. Now if that isn’t the cutest thing for a kid who’s just turned 2, I don’t know what is!

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